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Who is BOW?

BOW (Beardies of the World), founded in 1996, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health, welfare, and rescue of Bearded Collies worldwide. The BOW Calendar is BOW's sole purpose. All work on the Calendar is performed by volunteers, and all income beyond the printing and mailing costs is donatd to support Beardie rescue and health research around the world.

Funds are distributed periodically. BOW has donated to rescues in the UK, Canada, the USA, Japan, and Australia as well as CIMDA, the Breed Health Registry, BeaCon, AKC Canine Health Foundation, and the BCCA Charitable Trust. In addition, BOW has helped to underwrite health testing and health seminars at multiple BCCA National Specialties.

Thank You for Your Support

We wish to thank all of you who purchase BOW Calendars. Without your support, the BOW Calendar would not be able to donate such generous amounts to Beardie-related causes.

If you would like to submit photos for the Calendar, look here.

The Calendar crew is currently requesting information from past recipients to determine which organizations are in need of funds. If your Beardie organization would like to request funding from the next distribution, contact Pat for the details.