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How To Submit Digital Photo Files

Since BOW began accepting digital photo files for the BOW Calendar, we have seen a marked increase in digital submissions, and an equal decrease in the number of printed photos submitted. We strongly prefer digital submissions, but if you must send prints, look here for instructions.

Please Note:

The BOW Calendar online Dropbox is manned by a real human being, who just happens to live in the Eastern time zone of the USA. Please have some courtesy when submitting; don't wait until one minute before midnight on July 26 to submit photos.

Likewise with Dropbox requests. They will be attended to when the aforementioned human is at home — not at work — and awake. Sending 3 or 4 requests, or bugging someone else to send requests for you, will not make your invite appear more quickly. Have some courtesy, please.

Please read the instructions and fill in the forms correctly. We reserve the right to reject any nameless photos that just get thrown into email for someone else to deal with. Photos submitted after the deadline will be inexplicably lost in transit, as will any submitted for categories we don't have.

When in doubt, please submit by snail mail.

The BOW Calendar uses Dropbox to accept photos submitted online. Here's how:

  1. Make sure each photo is of good quality and is in JPG or PNG format. If your photo file is in a different format, please open it in a photo program and save it in JPG or PNG format.
  2. Please rename your photos. We cannot identify photos named DSC805185798, so if you send us photos with those names, we cannot pick them for the Calendar.

    Rename each photo as follows:

    lastname-firstname-dogname-city-country-category.jpg (or .png)

    Example: smith-mary-bowser-chicago-usa-puppies.jpg

  3. If you do not have one already, email for a Dropbox invite. If you have submitted photos in previous years, you should be able to use the Dropbox this year — unless you've changed your email address.
  4. Please use the Web interface at Please do not connect your Dropbox account to the BOW Dropbox.

  5. Click here, or click the link in the email to go to the 2018 Calendar Dropbox account. If you need help, email
  6. Upload (or drag-and-drop) your photo to the folder matching the category you want to enter. Don't worry if you selected more than one category for a photo. Just upload to one.
  7. You're done!

New Submitters! If you're submitting photos to the Calendar for the first time, please let us know. You'll get a FREE copy of the 2018 calendar when you buy one copy.

Have questions? Need help? Just send an email to