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Note to PayPal users (Non-US/non-Canadian orders only): To order through PayPal, email Pat.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will I know if my dog's photo made it into the next Calendar?
Typically, judging starts in July of the previous year. After we compile the list of winning submissions, the results are announced on BDL and Facebook starting in August.
Why didn't you pick my favorite photo?
Because we try to include as many Beardies and Beardie owners as possible, we try not to duplicate submissions. If a category receives a large number of submissions, then the judge for that category might allow the judge of a category with fewer submissions to use the photo you submitted to the less-popular category. It's all part of the process of creating the Calendar.
I want to be on the Calendar crew. How do I volunteer?
We're glad you asked! We're always looking for people to help with the Calendar. Contact Pat, our Calendar Coordinator, and she'll let you know what jobs we currently have available.
When will the Calendars be available?
The Calendars will first be mailed to everyone who pre-ordered them, and the remainder will be made available for sale after the pre-orders have all shipped. We'll announce the availability date as soon as photo judging has ended.
Our Beardie club rescue/health organization would like to apply for funding. How do we do that?
We distribute funds periodically, as requested and as needed. Contact Pat for more information about how to apply for funding.
Can I still order this year's Calendar?
Yes, if they're still available. Contact Pat for availability. Just make sure to specify that you want this year's Calendar. Otherwise, we'll assume that you're ordering next year's Calendar.